Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Canon 1Ds Mark III Custom Functions

In switching from the 1Ds Mark II to the Mark III, one should really read the camera manual. Now how many people actually do this? I glanced at it, but must admit that I feigned an entire read. Until, I ran into a few odd discoveries, which prompted further exploration. Most notably, was the reduced frame rate, about 2 frames a second even in the fast mode. It turns out that having the High ISO digital noise reduction turned on slows down the frame rate due to software processing for noise. With the Mark II, I left it on all the time and it did not seem to make a difference. Make sure to turn it off for maximum speed.

Additionally, with custom functions buried in 4 different categories, it is hard to remember what is where. A helpful feature of the Mark III lets you tag your most often used custom functions and register them to show up under the "My Menu settings". This can provide a much quicker access to custom functions that you change often, like LCD Brightness, Mirror lockup, etc.

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