Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clouds over Denali

Looking west at the summit of Mount McKinley reveals both the north and south peaks. One afternoon, it looked like the sky was clearing a bit so I waited and set up my camera for a time lapse sequence of the dissipating clouds. I used Canon's intervolometer, which is a fancy electronic shutter release that enables diverse time sequencing. The light was somewhat bright in the early evening, but the series reveals how quickly clouds can come and go around the mountain. The whole series was 156 frames over the course of 30 minutes. It's a little choppy since my series ran out while I was shooting another scene with my camera, and I had to start it again.

Time lapse series of clouds over Mt. McKinley


Traveler said...

This is GREAT! When Norma tells me, No! You can't buy a 500 mm lens!" I'll use the intervolometer as a fall back.

"OK, Honey. But I really really need one of these things!"

Traveler said...

Oh yeah... by the way.

How big was your memory card? Did you use raw and convert or...?

Patrick said...

I always shoot in RAW, with a 16gig card and 21MP files, there are limits to the time lapse, but you have about 500 frames to work with.