Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Macro Photography

close up of snow flakes in Delta Junction, Alaska

Macro photography offers a view of the natural world not always seen. Fine details and intricate patters emerge, solid colors reveal they are made up of several colors mixed together, and distractions of the "big picture" vanish.

Close up of flower blossom, 100mm canon macro

There are many equipment options available for macro photography. Probably the most standard is the 100mm macro lens, such as this Canon EF 100mm F/2.8 Macro USM lens. It is stunningly sharp, and provides sufficient focal length to give a usable working distance between the lens and the subject.

Sometimes, macro photography can be used to provide a unique perspective while still showing the broad environment. Wide angle lenses with the ability to close-focus can be used for this effect.

Narcissus-flowered anemone and Lapland rosebay, Denali National Park, Alaska. Canon 17-35 F/2.8L lens.


Anonymous said...

You were born and raised in the IL??

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to Country Magazine. The front cover of the Dec 08 issue had credits given to Patrick Endres. I love the magazine and always enjoy the pictures. Front cover was very nice. MCA

Patrick said...

I was raised in southern Wisconsin.