Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aurora borealis in the White Mountains, Fairbanks

I have long looked for a scene that embodied the mystery of the aurora in conjunction with the simplicity of wilderness living. This cabin, under a sky of wheeling and whirling color, needs little commentary. I accessed this location with a friend, and we both drove snow machines.

While offloading my machine from the trailer, it failed to start. My friend and I removed the exhaust system and began troubleshooting the dilemma in the cold, and an hour later we were fortunately able to start it up. We scurried down the trail, reaching the cabin just before dark.

A little bit of light in the western sky contributes the light blue color in this image. There was no computer color saturation performed on this photo, but colors revealed on film are often different than what the eye actually sees.

Temperatures dipped to minus 18 degrees F that night. This happens to be the first frame I took. While I like many of the other frames, this one, with the lightness of the sky and the purple lights, is my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

As for me, the most interesting one is that frame with a figure standing in doorway. Exciting & fresh look.