Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can you imagine!

Photographing wildlife within a landscape has always been an interest to me. Doing very close portraits of animals, although it can be challenging, holds less appeal. The more space visible in a frame, the more "stuff" you have to manage in respect to light and composition. So dramatic landscapes with wildlife in them is a challenge in direct proportion.

It seems difficult enough to get the light just right, skies, temperature, color, blah blah all perfect and then it is a stretch to expect some creature to come walking into the frame. Well, that very thing did happen to me on a recent trip, but I was unprepared for the fleeting moment. So the next opportunity I was ready. All set up, waiting, and waiting--but you cant wait too long because the daybreak light fades quickly. And so it was, I was waiting for a bear to walk along this shoreline like a few days previous, but no luck. So, I stepped out and did a few self timer shots just to help you have empathy for what the shot could have looked like. Can you imagine a bear in this scene! Maybe next year, or the one following.

I did get many interesting shots on this trip, but the elusive hopefuls take a while to loosen their grip.


Troy Bouffard said...

Got me thinking now Patrick, wondering if I unknowingly go for the easier portrait shots too much...

I don't even know what I don't know to fully understand your elusive shot appropriately.

Patrick said...

I'd like to see some shots from your neck of the woods. Can you send me a few?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, not a problem, I have been concentrating on portrait shots lately though, so I will have to get some of the other stuff processed. The portraits are of the soldier's in my unit. I remember from the last tour I did, that by the end of it, there weren't many shots of all the people in the unit and it was a bit awkward considering all we did together. This time, I am trying to slowly build up a collection. (but now you have me self-conscience about it, j/k)

It's kinda classic actually, some guy (me) shows up with a camera, all the guys are like, ah man, stop bothering us, blah blah, go away, blah, stop taking my photo!! Just as I am about to walk away, a handful come up to me and ask for copies.


Troy Bouffard said...

Patrick, gonna be a little while before I can get some shots to you. We are leaving Kuwait for Iraq within a day and this place is about the most boring subject ever; flat, sandy, uninteresting man-made objects. I cant find a damn thing interesting that doesn't involve people somehow. Hopefully, there is something better to work with where I am going.