Friday, October 31, 2008

Snow drift art

Canon 1Ds Mark III, 28mm (24-105mm f4L IS) 160 sec @ f/22, ISO 400
Snow drifts, Barter Island, Alaska

I guess most nature photographers are opportunists and a bit omnivorous in their visual endeavors. I certainly am, and although I spend a fair amount of time photographing wildlife, my history depicts a gravitation towards landscapes. A snow fence caused these large drifts which presented a playground for a landscape photographer. In this composition, the wind-blown lines take one right into the scene. The linear pattern on the ground is nicely contrasted with the circular pattern in the sky. Most wide angle photographs have a strong foreground dimension. Although not mandatory, you will see it as a general rule.


Evgeny said...

Patrick, on large number of your latest captures ISO setting are 400 & higher. Is it alright for large prints & there's no difference between ISO 100 & 400, or you're keeping in mind, that those photos are for web only?

Patrick said...

You ask a good question worthy of a more lengthy answer, so I will add a post about why I use 400 and 800 ISO more frequently now. That will show in a few days.

Evgeny said...

Thanks, I'll wait for it.