Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorites from the last few years

I've been developing a new page on my website titled "alaska photo galleries" and a section includes some flash galleries which include 100 favorites of 2008. In addition, there are favorites form previous years as well. Looking back on a year's worth of travels and images provokes lots of memories and grand sights from across Alaska's landscape.


Roy Mangersnes said...

Some absolutely stunning shots there Patrick. I am constantly checking out your blog, and the images that has impressed me the most this year is your autumn landscapes with wildlife from Denali. The raven shot is very strong. I have just got back from the Antarctic and have posted some images on my blog if you haven't seen them. Quit happy with the trip. My next is to Spitsbergen in march for winter light and polar bears.

All the best for the next year.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, these pictures are unbelievable. Makes me want to return to Alaska and see some of the things I missed last time around!

Hope you are doing well.

Patrick said...

Alaska is a bit addictive to many people, as a friend of mine once said "Alaska won't give up all her secrets in one visit". Years are not enough to sample all the great locations. Let me know if you plan a return visit and I can point you to some hot spots.