Monday, January 14, 2008

The price of milk in Barrow, Alaska

I spent some time in Barrow, Alaska this summer, which is located in northern Alaska, along the Arctic ocean. Its an Inupiaq (Eskimo) community with a rich culture, and like many of Alaska's native communities faces a host of challenges due to changing lifestyles, economics, and climate. If you find yourself miffed at the price of gas for your car, you can be glad you don't buy milk at the prices in Barrow.

Milk at $8.99 in the Barrow, Alaska grocery store.


Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder how much the gas goes for up there.

Undercover Mother said...

I've been studying Barrow from afar, and read that they purchase their gas all at once each year, and so the price never changes all year. The last I read, it was around $4.25, but I'm not sure how old that quote was.

Unknown said...

In 2009, in most small villages in Alaska, the price of gas was right around $5.00